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mpathic Team Retreat 2023

At mpathic, we believe accurate understanding starts with empathy. As an industry leader, we are at the forefront of actionable conversation analytics. mpathic’s API powers SaaS platforms with real-time conversation analytics, training and suggestions, improving outcomes across various sectors including life sciences, healthcare, and client services.

From a seed-stage, VC-backed start-up, our journey has been backed by notable investors including Next Frontier Capital, Illuminate, Portland Seed Fund, Full-Circle, WXR Fund, Graham & Walker, and First Row Partners.

Diversity at mpathic

At mpathic, we welcome underrepresented individuals in tech and outside of tech. Maybe you’ve been overlooked, faced a glass ceiling, a paperwork barrier, couldn’t code switch exactly right, had to up-manage others while doing all the work, don’t want to have to deal with feeling tired or like an outsider anymore.

  • We are a tech company run by a psychologist in a tech environment that has a history of systemic problems; we are approaching that history and re-imagining start-up life together, intentionally. 
  • Our workplace values include equality, transparency, and inclusion. We take pride in managing systemic bias within the company. 
  • Our Board of Directors and VCs are all 100% women or non-binary, and our company includes more than 60% persons of color (BIPOC).

Life at mpathic

As a company that prioritizes remote work, we strongly emphasize a balanced work-life experience:

  • Holding twice-yearly in-person retreats and organizing quarterly hackathons
  • Implementing flexible work location policies.

In terms of benefits, we provide:

  • 100% funded healthcare benefits
  • Flexible-managed Paid Time Off (PTO)
  • Funding for training and education

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging

Fundamentally, we respect each employee as a whole person. We acknowledge that  quality benefits form an integral part of a genuinely empathic society. Our dedicated Ombudsperson, DEIB Director, and Head of People and Culture are here to make your time at mpathic safe, values-aligned, and designed to foster growth (we are an empathy company after all!). Please see our Equal Pay Commitment and Annual Pay Equity Report (updated 2023). Additionally, see our response to the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade.

Join Us

We’re looking for individuals like you. Even if you don’t think you meet the qualifications for the jobs posted but believe you’re a fit or want to get involved, send us a note at or reach out to any team member on LinkedIn. We keep resumes on file and we’re growing fast! We believe in equal opportunity and welcome everyone who wants to join us in our journey.

Career Opportunities

There are currently no open roles at this time. Please check back later!