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mTrial: A Digital Stethoscope for Your Trial

Optimize Patient and Client Engagement and Minimize Drop-Out Rates

mTrial is a state-of-the-art quality assurance platform designed to flawlessly execute clinical trials. Emphasizing fidelity and precision, this technology enables data-driven decision-making, thus enhancing trial outcomes. With a central focus on patient safety, mTrial skillfully navigates the intricacies of clinical trials, ensuring seamless management and improved results.

  • Powers data-driven decision-making and seamless navigation through clinical trial complexities
  • Guarantees quality at scale across multi-site trials through automated monitoring
  • Increases patient safety by mitigating incidental risks in trials
  • Provides real-time feedback and fidelity analysis for effective trial monitoring

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Clerkenwell Health Vsurgic Wave

mTrial for Elevating Clinical Trial Quality

No clinical trial should compromise on quality due to complex challenges. Precision, although difficult to maintain at scale, is essential in executing successful trials. mTrial’s sophisticated automated monitoring assists in constantly maintaining high quality in every aspect of the trial, thereby ensuring superior trial outcomes and efficient trial management.

Comprehensive Automated Monitoring

Maintain quality even when running multi-site clinical trials. mTrial brings automation in fidelity checking and monitoring for the most comprehensive assurance of quality.

In-depth Fidelity Analysis

mTrial’s system performs in-depth fidelity analysis, powering effective decision-making and ease in trial management.

Incidental Risk Detection

By reducing incidental risks through automated monitoring and real-time feedback, mTrial significantly enhances patient safety in clinical trials.

Real-Time Feedback

mTrial monitors clinical trials in real-time, providing immediate feedback for continual quality improvement.