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Empathy is for everyone

mpathic helps people and organizations develop skills for greater understanding, compassion, and insight via AI-powered analytics, correction, and training of empathy. More empathy equals better employee, customer, and business outcomes.

Meet our Founder

15 years as empathy AI research scientist & clinical psychologist

Dr. Grin Lord is the founder/CEO of – empathy and human conversation analytics – and of Therapists in Tech (TnT) a collaborative of 3k+ digital mental health experts defining the digital mental health revolution together. Dr. Lord was the Chief Clinical Officer of, Clinical Product Psychologist at, and Research Scientist at University of Washington. Her areas of expertise include: generative AI, conversational design, using AI and machine learning to augment human connection, evidence-based therapies, health coaching, and psychology.

Since 2007, Dr. Lord worked as a clinician-researcher at University of Washington in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences. Her research and writing focuses on the intersection of AI and empathy, improving human connection, understanding evidence-based therapy, treatment of posttraumatic stress and substance abuse, the interpretation of the family, and the social meaning of trauma.

The science behind mpathic API

Accurate understanding and communication that leads to behavior change is a well-researched science. This is not about being warm-fuzzy but learning how people build trust with each other. Psychologists have spent decades researching how to shape conversations to attain medical outcomes. This same science has now been validated for commercial use with mpathic.

mpathic is built on unmatched expertise, 90+ human behavior detections, 500k expert-labeled communications, and several peer-reviewed papers (see below). mpathic has both commercialized and created gold-standard measures of fidelity as expert evaluators organizational psychology, healthcare, life sciences and client services in the US, and around the world.

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mpathic’s journey

Years of Combined Clinical Research
behaviors defined to build trust and rapport
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words processed for detection and correction