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Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQs

  1. What is mpathic?

    is a technology company and a trusted leader in prompting actionable conversation analytics. The mission is to empower healthcare, life sciences, and client services leaders to deliver exceptional care and engagement. mpathic offerings include mTrial, a quality assurance platform for clinical trials; mConsult, an AI-driven tool for optimizing patient and client engagement; and mPulse, a tool for post-market surveillance and pharmacovigilance. Backed by proprietary machine learning models developed with over 10 years of scientific validation, with up to 7x the accuracy of human doctors, mpathic detects, corrects, and improves more than 90 behaviors, providing an unrivaled level of assurance.

  2. How does mTrial improve clinical trial outcomes?

    mTrial utilizes advanced AI, enabling flawless execution of clinical trials. By focusing on fidelity and precision, mTrial supports data-driven decision-making aimed at enhancing trial outcomes. In particular, its unique focus on patient safety simplifies management of complex clinical trials.

  3. What is mConsult and how does it improve patient and client engagement?

    mConsult represents an AI-assisted tool designed to optimize patient and client engagement. It offers real-time detection of patient interactions and provides generative suggestions, thereby offering immediate feedback that enhances satisfaction and increases positive outcomes.

  4. What is the importance of mPulse in pharmacovigilance?

    mPulse serves as a high-tech tool for sophisticated data and trend analysis in post-market surveillance and pharmacovigilance. This technology allows organizations to stay ahead of market trends and maintain data-driven decisions, thereby preserving product safety and regulatory compliance.

  5. Who can benefit from mTrial, mConsult, and mPulse?

    mTrial, mConsult, and mPulse prove beneficial to biotech and pharmaceutical companies, clinical research organizations, healthcare professionals involved in clinical trials, and any organization looking to optimize patient or client engagement and satisfaction.

  6. Do mTrial, mConsult, and mPulse comply with regulatory standards?

    Yes, all offerings from mpathic are designed with features that uphold regulatory compliance in clinical trials, patient-client engagement, and post-market surveillance, respectively.

Data Privacy, Safety and Security FAQs

  1. How does mpathic prioritize individual privacy?

    At mpathic, privacy is highly esteemed. Extensive measures are implemented to ensure the confidentiality and protection of personal data. Strict privacy safeguards are maintained to uphold top-tier security and privacy. A comprehensive privacy policy is available with detailed information regarding the collection, use, sharing, and processing of personal data. For an in-depth grasp of privacy practices, refer to the Privacy Policy section.

  2. What measures does mpathic take for data security?

    Data security at mpathic is primarily shaped by adherence to international data protection laws and regulations, such as the EU and UK General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). A strong emphasis is placed on safeguarding personal data, and the pride in SOC 2 Type II compliance reflects a commitment to the highest standards of security, confidentiality, and data integrity. More information about data security can be found in the Information Security section.

  3. What type of testing does mpathic perform to ensure data security?

    To certify the robustness and effectiveness of data security measures, annual penetration testing is conducted by an independent third party.

  4. How does mpathic ensure HIPAA compliance?

    To ensure understanding of privacy and security requirements applicable to protected health information, training is provided during the onboarding process. Any HIPAA-covered PHI is processed using HIPAA-compliant tools selected through a meticulous vendor selection process.

  5. Does mpathic meet SOC 2 Type II standards?

    Yes, all sensitive information handled by mpathic is managed in full compliance with SOC 2 Type II standards.

  6. How does mpathic ensure GDPR compliance?

    Personal data covered by GDPR is processed using GDPR-compliant tools, which are chosen following a comprehensive vendor selection process.

  7. What additional data security measures does mpathic take?

    Techniques are employed to segment data when creating custom models, ensuring the data remains segregated and secure as explicitly outlined in the data use agreement. In addition, there are dedicated and isolated hosting options for enhanced data security.

  8. What happens with my data when we integrate mpathic API?

    mpathic processes your data but does not automatically store your data unless requested and agreed upon in writing. Sensitive and personal data is processed using services within Amazon Web Services (AWS), and various approved tools. All data within these systems is encrypted at rest and in transit to ensure it’s safe, secure, and available only to intended recipients. HTTPS encryption is configured for customer web application access. 
  9. Does mpathic use customer data to train its models?

    Before training models with customer data, mpathic obtains prior written consent. Any use of customer data is specified in the data use agreement before implementation.

  10. Is there an option to anonymize or pseudonymize sensitive data?

    mpathic provides an option for customers to pseudonymize or anonymize sensitive data. We can also manually label for personally identifiable information (PII) if required.  If you have specific requirements to pseudonymize sensitive data, contact us and we’ll work with you!

  11. Who has access to customer data and the outputs?

    mpathic implements role-based access controls for information system access. Access controls to sensitive data in databases, systems, and environments are granted on a need-to-know/least privilege necessary basis. mpathic employees with special job functions may have access to certain additional resources.

  12. How does mpathic select vendor partners and business associates?

    mpathic is HIPAA, GDPR, and SOC 2 Type II compliant, so any vendors we work with that collect or process sensitive data must go through a critical vendor selection process. They are also required, pursuant to the terms of their agreements with us, to implement required safeguards. Additionally, AWS and Google, the web service providers that we contracted, are both HIPAA-compliant.