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Accurate Understanding Starts with Empathy

Elevate trust, augment data quality and improve outcomes with real-time AI conversation analytics and actionable tips grounded in science of human behavior.

Enhancing human accuracy by 7x at a fraction of the cost

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Improve Human Communication Instantly

Explore the powerful domains of healthcare, life sciences, and client services with mpathic.

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Saving customers millions in the costs of human review and feedback every year

Delivers Results Across Industries

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Elevate Empathy, Build Trust

mpathic unleashes expert-level trust through AI-driven conversational analytics. Using scientifically validated ML models, mpathic detects, corrects, and trains humans to build trust, thereby ensuring trustworthy, accurate, and safe interactions. Enhance communications with actionable insights.

Broad Application, Targeted Impact

Experience unparalleled outcomes fueled by the convergence of technology, empathy, and unwavering data safety measures with mpathic, a versatile platform extending across a wide range of industries. This platform delivers transformative solutions that drive tangible results.

Real Results, Tangible ROI

Achieve 7x accuracy and 10x cost-savings. Leverage mpathic’s empathetic conversational analytics to elevate your data quality, security, consistency, and efficiency. Take your accuracy to the next level with mpathic.

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Scientifically Validated, Seamlessly Integrated, Compliance Assured

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HIPAA and SOC 2 Type II compliant

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