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mConsult: AI-Assisted Empathy

Optimize Patient and Client Engagement and Minimize Drop-Out Rates

mConsult, through real-time detection of patient interactions and generative suggestions, provides immediate feedback and creates value, ultimately enhancing patient and client satisfaction and improving outcomes.

  • Provides real-time detection, tips, and generative suggestions to enhance both patient and client communication
  • Aids in reducing patient and client attrition with AI-assisted engagement strategies
  • Ensures optimal training of patient engagement agents and customer service representatives

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Wave Vsurgic Clerkenwell Health

mConsult for Patient and Client Engagement

No patient or client should be lost due to ineffective communication. Empathy, although a complex skill to master, is essential in establishing successful relationships. mConsult’s sophisticated AI assists in persuasively conveying empathy in every conversation, thereby ensuring optimal patient satisfaction and client-service relationships.

Real-Time Detection

mConsult monitors patient and client interactions in real-time, providing immediate feedback that garners stronger relationships.

Generative Suggestions

Leveraging AI, mConsult’s shapes empathetic responses, revolutionizing communication and reducing uncertainty in patient and client interactions.

Engagement Enhancement

Solidify your patient and client base. mConsult enhances engagement by identifying high performers and facilitating skill transfer, thus reducing patient and client attrition and eliminating the need for additional hires.