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Life Science Therapeutics

Unlock enhanced clinical trial monitoring and accelerate drug development process with the power of mpathic

Incorporate AI-empowered analytics for fidelity monitoring, ensuring the highest standards of trial quality and integrity

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Harness the Potential of mpathic for Life Science Therapeutics

Monitor Fidelity

Incorporate AI-empowered analytics for fidelity monitoring to maintain the highest standards of trial quality and integrity.

Drive Medical Innovation

Leverage AI-powered analytics, chatbots, and empathy training to drive medical innovation and impactful discoveries in clinical research.

Uphold Compliance and Security

mpathic’s solutions adhere to rigorous regulatory standards, ensuring ethical research activities and prioritizing data security and patient privacy.

Integrate Seamlessly

Experience seamless integration with existing workflows, fostering collaboration, effective communication, and streamlined project management with mpathic’s solutions.

Build Trust and Loyalty in Real-Time

mpathic AI empowers the identification and enhancement of behaviors that engage customers and prevent churn

  • Improve Data Quality
    Enable conversations that strengthen engagement and improve outcomes
  • Screen for Dropout
    Get actionable insights, specific recommendations, and real-time corrections that build loyalty and prevent churn
  • Supercharge your Team
    Identify high- and low-performers and tailor feedback and training to specific strengths and growth areas

Backed by Science

Utilizing proprietary ML models developed with over a decade of scientific validation and drawing on healthcare and client services conversations labeled by psychologists and doctors, to objectively enhance more than 90 human behaviors.

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