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When deciding what benefits should look like at mpathic, we started by thinking about what employees need not only to work well, but to live well. Benefits impact how we act, rest, grieve, set boundaries, and take care of ourselves and others — and that means quality benefits are a fundamental part of our empathy company and, in the big picture, an empathic society. 

At mpathic, we want to offer our employees more than just “permission” to occasionally take a vacation. We want to give them the support and autonomy they need to feel well and maintain full lives outside of work. 

Caring for employees extends beyond basic health insurance, as we believe in coverage for overall support wellness in which every human has a right.  This includes offering employees the dignity of access to reproductive health care and supporting employees’ choices around if or when they have a child.  We want to provide the opportunity for resources and support for all employees when it comes to reproductive health.  The company will reimburse airfare costs and PTO for anyone for abortion care, where restrictions exist, airfare and PTO are covered.

The following benefits are offered to full-time employees at this time: 


  • 100% company-funded health and dental insurance on the Blue Network for employees.  The Blue Shield network is one of the largest provider networks with coverage nationally.    That means no monthly premiums coming out of your paycheck with a large selection of providers that you can choose from.  If you have dependents, the company will pay 50% of the dependent coverage.
  • Wellspring EAP mental health & wellness services
  • Wave Life membership and EAP/coaching session services
  • Health Savings Account – with an annual employer contribution of $750 for those on the HSA health insurance coverage, funded monthly and  managed by Bank of America
  • Vision- VSP network, which is the largest vision carrier network
  • Short- and long-term disability coverage through MetLife
  • Life insurance, spouse and dependent coverage through MetLife
  • Reimbursed travel costs up to $3000 and PTO for anyone for abortion care, where restrictions exist, airfare and PTO are covered.  This benefit will be provided to any teammate, spouse or dependent enrolled in our medical plan, along with one support person.  


  • 401(k) — the company provides a company match of 4% of your deferral contribution

Autonomous Work Environment

  • Flexible-Managed Paid Time Off
  • We’ve built a high performing team that fosters a culture of accountability and trust. Employees have the freedom to decide what is appropriate in terms of time off to stay energized and at the top of their game.
  • If you want to exercise at 10am, let us know and go for it. We don’t have to see a green dot on Slack to trust that you’re doing your job. We want to be mindful of your wellness and ask that you if you are unavailable, to please let your manager know so that we continue to respect you being offline.
  • Our employees use their PTO – ask us for the average time off and our retention statistics! 


  • Quarterly company-wide weeks off/focus time
  • Weekends free from work communications from 5pm on Friday to 8am on Monday – no emails or Slack please! 
  • Four-weeks paid sabbatical after five continuous years of work.

Additional PTO

  • Three floating holidays in addition to company-wide federal holidays so you can celebrate what’s important to you.
  • Volunteer days: You may take an additional 2 days a quarter during the workweek to volunteer with an organization of your choosing or for specialized training (see below in Education and Mentorship)
  • Voting day: We encourage your right to vote and we understand that depending on where you live, you might be required to vote in person, therefore, you may take an additional day off for those that need to vote in person

Grief Break

  • Employees receive two weeks of paid time off in the event of losing a loved one or suffering a miscarriage. We want to support the process of grieving by naming this, and offering employees the opportunity to grieve without thinking of work.


  • Competitive paid parental leave and flexible return to work policy.


  • Remote-inclusive team — whether you work from Salt Lake City or Seattle, you’re 100% part of the team. We will provide you a computer, equipment and access to software subscriptions. 
  • Bi-annual in-person retreats; sometimes these will be company-wide and other times with select team members (e.g., a hackathon) to accomplish a specific goal in a short period of time. We hope to increase this to quarterly as our company grows.

Charity Company Match

  • Annual $500 company match to any non-profit organization where you donate to

Education and Mentorship

In the future, we hope to offer all of these options to employees, for now you can select one annually:

  • A quarterly stipend of up to $375 ($1500 a year) to spend on
    • Sponsorships to training programs like OnDeck or Coursera/Pateron 
    • Certifications
    • Intern support from FLIK or other underrepresented training orgs 
    • Empathy, mental health or other related wellness training
    • The remaining amounts not utilized from this stipend can be donated annually to a non-profit organization aligned with mpathic’s mission of your choosing OR;
  • An education or mentorship project of your choosing that is comparable to the above and provides you an opportunity to grow.