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What Fuels You: Grin Lord

Show Notes

Shauna Swerland, CEO of Fuel Talent, hosts the What Fuels You podcast, where she sits down with business leaders to dig into their stories and choices that made them who they are today. These are personal stories of inspiration, perseverance, and resilience that are normally only shared within an inner circle. In February, she interviewed mpathic CEO and founder Grin Lord.

Dr. Grin Lord is a clinical psychologist and AI empathy innovator. She is the CEO and founder of – AI empathy at scale – and of Therapists in Tech, a collaborative of 3k+ digital mental health experts who are defining the digital mental health revolution together. Grin was previously the Chief Clinical Officer of, a Clinical Product Psychologist at, and a Research Scientist at the University of Washington where she studied the key ingredients in conversation that make therapy effective and promote change. Her areas of expertise include conversational design, using machine learning to augment human connection, evidence-based therapy, and empathy.

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