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Transform Panel: What’s Real About Artificial Intelligence – Uses, Benefits and Risks

CEO and Founder Grin Lord moderated a panel at Transform 2023, a conference that brings together people-driven executives, future of work entrepreneurs, and workforce tech investors.

The panel included leaders from CrowdStrike, HRU Technical Resources, Sana, Microsoft, and Acadian Ventures, discussing how tools like ChatGPT and AI will transform the future of work. Watch the panelists weigh in on these topics:

  • The most promising use cases for generative AI in HR.
  • Predictions for who will be the first movers and massive adopters of AI.
  • Challenges and fears around AI and how leaders can address these challenges to effectively leverage AI within the organization.

Panel Description: As the future of work evolves, tools like ChatGPT and AI technology are at the forefront of this change. Join us for an engaging discussion as we delve into the realities of AI – separating fact from fiction and uncovering the true uses, benefits, and risks of this transformative technology. With a focus on providing actionable insights, our experts will answer the questions that are top of mind for executives, providing a roadmap for successful adoption and implementation.