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Grin Lord Receives Recognition from Investor Graham & Walker

With an unwavering commitment towards empathetic technologies and scientific rigor, mpathic is thrilled to share that it’s CEO and Founder, Grin Lord, has been featured in a recent blog by Graham & Walker. Their latest feature, “GW Portfolio Founder Feature Dr Grin Lord Founder CEO mpathic,” offers a view of her transformative journey in leading mpathic.

Grin’s relentless commitment, expertise in generative AI, conversational design, and her ability to augment human connection using AI has been authentically spotlighted by Graham & Walker, along with an informative discussion on mpathic’s role in revolutionizing the healthcare, life sciences, and client services landscape.

We invite you to read more of Grin’s story, mpathic’s values, and the journey we are on to transform the world to have better human connection, safety, and trust through AI augmentation via this blog.