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SXSW Panel – A New Generation: Mental Health & The Future of Care

SXSW Panel

CEO and Founder Grin Lord joined Dr. Sarah Adler (Wave Life, Stanford Medical School), Eric Epstein (Santé), and Greg Fonzo (Dell Medical School – University of Texas at Austin) for a panel discussion at SXSW 2023.

Panel Description: New technologies in mental health care have the potential to dramatically impact where and how it’s delivered. Younger generations are increasingly seeking access to mental health services. But do current approaches to treatment work? The current paradigm is untenable, with nearly 40% of all young adults diagnosed with a mental health disorder but 150 million people in the US living in federally-designated mental health professional shortage areas. In this session, we will canvas the frontiers of mental healthcare, from AI to novel therapeutics, to identify the most promising advances in care. We’ll explore novel, clinically-validated approaches to improving mental health to a “new” population and workforce that has proven to utilize mental healthcare differently.

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